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prefabricados ponce



Both the quality of the raw materials used in manufacturing, as well as the technology applied, result in a superior adherence and a longer lasting placement, remaining unchanged over time. These qualities make STONCE flashings the best choice over its competitors in the market.


The Prefabricados PONCE copings are parts created for the coronation of a wall that aim to allow rainwater to slide along their facing as well as preventing it from entering. It´s manufactured at a standard length of 100 cms and with a width according to the table below. We offer various models and finishes.

Standing half foot 23
Application On Site
Top off the building wall covered with gable coping honed white model of 37cms. Overview of common areas in apartment building whose walls are topped with coping 'U' honed white model. Coping special wide, bush hammered, Travertine model used as vents caps. Coping CTE standard compliance or to water, both with 10 ° tilt.
  • U half foot 23
  • U half foot 25
  • U foot and half foot 45
  • U foot and half foot 42
  • U foot 37 gable

  • U foot 32
  • U foot 35
  • U foot 37
  • Middle foot one water
  • Head view
  • 35 foot gable
  • White
  • Sand
  • Grey
  • Custom
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