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Ecological Pavement

With the beauty and quality that characterize our products, Prefabricados PONCE, with their vast years of experience in the concrete industry would like to introduce their new range of ecological prefabricated products, that without a doubt, will pave the way towards a sustainable urbanism. Let´s assess and consider the positive qualities that are involved in the use of an ecological pavement..

SUSTAINABLE URBAN PLANNING: Since the very beginning, Prefabricados Ponce, has maintained a strong commitment to the environment, installing two material recycling facilities, to recover the raw materials from the rejected products, thus saving energy and minimizing environmental CO² emissions that are produced in the manufacturing stage. Furthermore, a small selection of our ecological pavements are formed by products coming from recycling.


ACTIVE PRINCIPLE: These pavement also include an active principle, which with the presence of light and water, carry out the photocatalyst process, reducing pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, acetaldehyde and benzene.


ECO-PAVING: In Prefabricados PONCE, we work effectively on appropriate treatments, thereby ensuring a more environmentally friendly flooring.


PROJECTS: Various projects, such as the 2008 Universal Water Expo held in Zaragoza, are testament to this type of flooring with the addition of 180,000 m² of Stone Pavement with surface treatment.


UNIVERSAL: This type of treatment can be applied to any of our products.

Ecological Pavement
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