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Surface Treatment

At Prefabricados PONCE, we offer a novel treatment, that is applied during the manufacturing process, or after placement, thereby giving the tile a higher resistance to water absorption and preventing dirt and stains from easily penetrating the tile whilst managing to hinder annoying rubbish such as gum and derivatives from remaining stuck to the pavement.


DURATION: The aforementioned treatment is not limited to the surface of the tiles, but to the entire mass of the tile, thereby ensuring that the treatment remains intact through the entire life of the tile.


COLOURS: Improves the visual appearance of the tile, boosting the colour and ensuring a longer lasting colour using tone sealants.


FROST: Significantly increasing resistance to frost, making it particularly suitable for very cold areas and extending pavement life.


SLIDING: The surface treatment, despite standing out in a more intense tone in its appearance, does not affect the mechanical properties of slippage.


MAINTENANCE: With just a little water pressure, we can remove whatever little dirt that could be present on the pavement surface.

Surface Treatment
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