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We offer steps and accessories in all colours and models with the option of customization of its forms and features. For further information please contact us.

Marble, granite, limestone NATURAL STONES

At Prefabricados PONCE we have spent many years carrying out projects using natural stones in flooring and natural walls and exteriors also as a structural element of public and private buildings, temples etc. Despite the passage of time and incredible technological development, natural stone has prevailed until now as the strongest and most durable material, a symbol of beauty, elegance and grandeur.

NATURAL STONE sandstone niwala yellow
Application On Site
Intense Black granite staircase with beacons for signaling. Playground flooring with granite gray Villa and Rosa Porrino flamed tile 60x40x3 cm thick. Portal granite veneer and floored with polished Chavo Villa and Black. Work: Viv La Teneria 159. Pinto (Madrid). Panoramic View plated and paving portal with Crema Marfil marble and Green India.
  • Sandstone Niwala yellow
  • Capri Limstone
  • Limestone Moka
  • Green Limestone
  • Quartzite I

  • Quartzite II
  • Quartzite
  • Grey Granite
  • Bush-hammered-Grey Granite
  • Intense Black Granite

  • White Marble Macael
  • Cream Marble Elvira
  • Cream Marble Marfil
  • Pearl Marble

  • Slate Green
  • Forest Green Slate
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