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Prefabricados Arqiutectónicos

Architectural Precasts

The architectural precasts are elements precast in factory, the pieces are precast in shapes and dimensions according to the project. Made of special reinforced concrete.

The concrete is composed of white or grey cement and special aggregates, inorganic dyes can be incorporated in order to obtain the pigmentation and texture as defined by simples on the proposal of each project

Cornisas y Aleros

Cornices and Eaves

Prefabricated cornices and eaves are pieces that solve the construction of these ornamental elements giving a touch of distinction as well as greater perfection and durability. Produced in different models and finishes, we are able to carry out custom projects attending to the clients´ needs.

Frentes de forjado

Frentes de forjado

Los frentes de forjado y molduras se utilizan principalmente como elemento decorativo y remate en canto de forjado. Fabricadas en diferentes modelos y medidas según necesidades del proyecto o cliente.