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The Prefabricados PONCE copings are parts created for the coronation of a wall that aim to allow rainwater to slide along their facing as well as preventing it from entering. It´s manufactured at a standard length of 100 cms and with a width according to the table below. We offer various models and finishes.

Vierteaguas e impostas

Flashings and Fascias

The Prefabricados PONCE flashings are parts intended to evacuate rainwater in the window apertures. Made entirely to measure according to the window, available in different finishes and reinforced corrugated steel. Ideal for any type of construction both for its ease of installation and its aesthetic.


Hinges and Finishings

The hinges and finishings of floor screed are pieces designed to solve the access step in the doors and the completion of the paving with topsoil, available in different dimensions, finishes and colours.

Dinteles y recercados

Lintels and Frames

Prefabricado Ponce´s frames are pieces that combine the jamb and trim in one piece in two pieces to decorate the hollow of a window or balcony. With our frames, you can obtain the desired finish, since we offer a wide range with different finishes, and furthermore we offer our clients the possibility to have custom made pieces made, simulating absolutely any deign that the customer wants.

Peldaños y zanquines

Peldaños y zanquines

Pavimento elaborado con áridos naturales triturados de una gran selección a los que se le aplica un proceso mecanizado en la superficie proporcionando una una agradable textura consiguiendo mediante su pulido en obra un pavimento continuo sin ningún tipo de juntas ni resaltes.

Con este material se obtiene una gran semejanza con granitos y piedras naturales. Un pavimento idóneo para crear ambientes agradables en zonas comunes de edificios.

cubrepilares y gargolas

Pier Caps and Water Sprouts

The Prefabricado Ponce pier caps are finishing pieces that crown the cap piers, or gate pillars so that the rainwater glide over them without getting into them and as decorative elements. They are manufactured in different sizes and models, and various finishes.



The Prefabricados PONCE sockets are covering parts of little height that are peripherally placed on the wall and are adjacent to the ground. They are manufactured in different sizes, patterns and finishes.