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Bush Hammered and Flamed Paving

A pavement made with natural aggregates crushed from a large selection. A machining process is applied to the surface providing a pleasant texture and a high slip resistance, and thereby achieving a great resemblance to granite and natural stone. An ideal flooring to create pleasant environments in common areas of buildings.

Cobblestone BOLOGNE

The BOLOGNE cobblestone is the evolution of the ROME cobblestone in two different ways: Firstly, a few measures have been taken in order to ensure the visual result and secondly a range of colours that allow the impact of the pavement´s aesthetic to be highlighted. The mixture in the same floor of the two sizes generate highly pleasurable patterns. Squares, patios, parks and gardens become a force to be reckoned with when using our cobblestones from the BOLOGNE series.

adoquín florencia

Cobblestone FLORENCE

The FLORENCE cobblestone is an antiqued monolayered paving stone designed with the intention of stepping back to past times, creating urbanistic environments with an antiquated old world look, but with a modern material showcasing the characteristics required by current regulations. It´s available in a rather broad palette of standard colours to facilitate all paving possibilities.

adoquin roma genérico

Cobblestone ROME

A bilayered cobblestone that supports any use. From pedestrian zones to paved roads with vehicular traffic, from huge public spaces to smaller private spaces. It´s a versatile cobblestone, produced in three sizes that allow multiple combinations without the need to cut into pieces.

adoquín turín

Cobblestone Turín

On the path to strive for the most contemporary paving we begin with the TURIN cobblestone, a multi-format monolayered cobblestone adaptable to any urbanistic project. Through rigorous technological control we obtain a cobblestone in a wide range of colours which remain unaltered over time, and in line with our company philosophy we take a step forward in the visual aspect of outdoor paving.


Cobblestone Tuscany

The TUSCANY cobblestone is our most innovative bet in bilayer pavements. It´s a product designed to occupy an important place in the urban nucelei and rural paving market. Its lightly wrinkled finish provides a warm feeling that favours its anti-skid properties. This family is produced in a range of basic colours, but it is possible to manufacture according to your requirements.

adoquín Uni-Modena

Cobblestone Uni-Modena

The MODENA cobblestone is a constant cross-section of a cobblestone that prevents all types of breakage, it´s suitable to support heavy loads.


Cobblestone Venice

A new version of the monolayered paving stone that adapts to the urbanistic necessities of modern times, contrasting with current materials and coupled to perfection with more traditional village and city environments. The range of available of colours are adapted to the creation of any project.


Cobblestone Verona

The VERONA cobblestone represents our flagship product in the bilayered cobblestones, and was the first product released onto the market where its success led to other ideas for other more modern pavements. Its production is based on high quality raw materials providing great resistance and durability, making it an ideal product for paving roads as well as city and village squares.


Hydraulic Paving Tactile Paving

This type of paving is produced with high strength cement, marble dust, siliceous aggregates and high quality natural pigments. The finish allows special reliefs to be made, directly from the mould or the press, enabling plans and elevations of specific faces, thereby providing specific information to the disabled while at the same time allowing the passage of wheelchairs and the support of walking sticks, in accordance with current regulations.

Micro marble flooring Interior Floor

A flooring made with natural aggregates crushed from a large selection. A machining process is applied to the surface providing a pleasant texture, and through the polishing work we can achieve a continuous flooring without any type of seams or protrusions.

With this material a great resemblance to granite and natural stone can be obtained. An ideal flooring to create pleasant environments in common areas of buildings.

Relief Paving

The visible face of this type of paving stone allows different designs to be produced: pills, shields, motifs, identification signals. The relief tiles can be supplied as they come out of the press or after being subjected to a polishing process, obtaining a better look of the exposed face. The placement of the tiles must be carried out carefully trying to get a minimum slip in either direction.

Losa Milán

Slabs Milán

Our constant industrial development had led us to produce a monolayer slab. A paving stone designed for large urban extensions with a guaranteed duration, creating a powerful and modern visual impact, acquiring a recognition never before achieved.

Special Paving

Prefabricados PONCE in line with its policy of creating unique products for each client, offers expertise and advice from the initial proposal, to achieve the best results in precast flooring, while attending to your creative concerns. Ask us for a valuation of those products which, in architecture and construction, represent a clear and significant improvement in the final assessment of each project.

Stone Paving

The texture of the visible surface is directly obtained from the moulding press, without subjecting it to mechanical treatments. The tiles are presented in a diversity of textures, colours and designs, some with a more natural look (slates, scrolls…) and others more artificial (bush hammered), all the while maintaining an important quality in their usefulness such as slipping.

Washed Paving

A paving made via a micro vibration and pressing process, which through a special washing procedure partially removes mortar from the visible face in order to leave the composition´s silica aggregates visible, thereby offering a more natural rustic texture.